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Trimedic Therapeutics will introduce the first novel beta-blocker in over 20 years

TTI has secured the Canadian rights to launch novel beta blocker landiolol in the Canadian market with AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals.

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The innovative ultra-short acting beta-blocker is administered intravenously. It fulfills an unmet medical need: the administration of this medicinal agent in life-critical conditions, where it is desirable to safely and rapidly reduce heart rate with minimal effect on blood pressure and inotropy (e.g., patients in sepsis, patients with heart failure, patients with peri-operative atrial fibrillation or supraventricular tachycardia).

Landiolol is a unique short-acting, highly selective and rapidly reversible beta blocker. It is administered intravenously for perioperative patients that require heart rate control with limited hypotension.

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First novel beta-blocker in over 20 years

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